How to Cut your Cable Bill

Remember that bestseller, a few years ago, http://The Millionaire Next Door? Basically, the author argued that, regardless of income, if you want to build wealth, you must live below your income. His research showed that middle income people who thought this way were more likely to end up rich than rich people who spent all their money.

So, here’s my little tip of the day for saving money…Have you taken a look at your cable bill recently? Still paying for a landline? Meet Ooma http://www.  Better yet, meet Ooma on Amazon, where she costs $30 less. Basically, get your phone through your internet for one time fee of Ooma machine and $5 a month. Or just use your cell phone, but not everybody gets stellar service indoors.

Now take a look at the other murderously high prices on your cable bill. Are you paying $10 a month to rent a modem which you could simply buy for $60 on Amazon? I recently switched my modem on Optimum and it was VERY easy. You just need to make sure you have a cell phone so you can call the company and get them to activate the new modem. (Don’t forget to send the modem back to company or drop off.)

And remember to call your cable company every few months to negotiate. Here are the magic words, “Am I getting the best deal possible?” Don’t like what they say? Try again in a few hours. The variability between agents is remarkable.

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  1. BEX BRIAN says:

    This is great…I just sent a check to cable for 260 dollars…I feel robbed!



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